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Please visit the Membership Portal if you are a Bahá’í living in Canada. There, you can review your address, and vote online in elections!


Local books and resources are available in Calgary. Contact our Book Representative via email at

Current Ruhi Book price list (March 2020) (Price list in PDF format)

Sources for Bahá’í literature, including books, music, eBooks and more…

Prayer cards

A Conversation About the Bahá’í Faith

Deepening Visit Themes from Book 2

The pages of these pdf’s have been sequenced for printing and binding as booklets.


Book 4 Home Visit Booklets

Children’s Classes

Book 3 Songs

Junior Youth Groups

Devotional Meetings

English/Mandarin Programs

English/Korean Programs

English/Mandarin/Japanese/Korean Programs

English/Korean/Japanese Programs

English/Mandarin/Japanese Programs

English/Mandarin/Japanese/Italian/Portugese Programs

Farsi/English Programs

Musical Firesides

Other Resources

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